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Super Slim - clock + voltage meter

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Vendor : Koso

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Sku : BA024B50

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Ultra thin device with blue backlight. If the voltage exceeds 14 volts or falls below 11 volts, the instrument will begin to notify you with a flashing warning signal. It also has a 24-hour clock.

Clock 24 hours
Tension meter
Display range: 6.0 - 19.9 V; Unit: 0.1V
Volt warning settings Setting: 8.0 - 16.0 V ; Unit: 0.1V

ON - turn on; OFF - Switch off
Default value for voltage warning Overvoltage warning: from 14.0 V

Warning for undervoltage: from 11.0 V
Operating voltage DC 12V
Effective temperature range
-10°C - +60°C (14°F - +140°F)
JIS D 0203
56.4 x 27 x 11mm
approx. 22g