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Slim Line New Generation Voltmeter + Thermometer Blue

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Vendor : Koso

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Sku : BA068040

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We are very proud to introduce you to a new generation of our Super Slim LED displays:

The new generation has a practical touchscreen function that allows you to switch between different values.

The new Super Slim LED display with touchscreen function can be set with a warning level for low voltage and high temperatures.


There are 2 display mechanisms: the touchscreen mode, which allows operation, and the auto-lock mode, which occurs after a certain time and thus deliberately restricts operation. This prevents carelessness on the road.

In auto-lock mode, the measured value will also flash to the driver if the set warning values ​​are exceeded.


Thanks to the narrow shape of the new Super Slim LED displays with touchscreen function, they can be installed almost anywhere in the cockpit!


In addition to our standard colors blue and red, there is now also a version in green!!!


Temperature display:

Display:     0 – 120°C (32 – 302°F)

Display unit:       0.1°C / 0.1°F

MAX temperature recording:

Display:      0 – 120°C (32 – 302°F)

Display unit:       0.1°C / 0.1°F

Temperature setting:

Setting unit:       °C / °F

Default:       °C

Temperature warning:

Setting range:      1°C / 1°F

Setting unit:       1°C / 1°F

Default:       100°C


Display:      8V – 18V

Display unit:       0.1V

Low voltage warning:

Setting unit:       8.0 – 18.0V

Preset:                  11.5V

Color variants:


Required ambient temperature:

-10°C - +60°C


DC 8V – 16V


approximately: 57 x 29 x 8.7 mm