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Koso HD-02 set for Harley Davidson

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Our developers have come up with a lot of ideas to develop something new and modern for Harleys. The engineers ultimately came out of their offices with a full plug and play solution that replaces the OEM parts. There is no need to drill or rewire anything; you just plug the instruments into the existing connections and insert them into the casing. Complete! You can choose between a blue or a red display on all devices. No matter which color was selected, as soon as the vehicle's ignition is turned off, the instruments are completely black. An absolute eye-catcher at meetings, at the regulars' table or just to enjoy in the garage at home.

The 6-piece set includes a 4" speedometer, a 4" tachometer with gear indicator, a 2" oil pressure gauge, a 2" outside temperature gauge, a 2" fuel level gauge and a 2" voltmeter.

This set is suitable for Harley Davidson FLHT, FLHX and FLTR from 2004 to 2013.

4-inch speedometer

Digital speedometer Display range: 0-360 km/h (0-225 mph)
Unit: 1 km/h (mph)
Speedometer display band Display range: 0-200 km/h / 0-120 mph
Unit: ±4.2 km/h / 2.5 mph
Odometer Display range: 000000 - 999999 km (mile)
Unit: 1 km (mile)
Trip meter Display range: 0000.0 - 9999.9 km (mile)
Unit: 0.1 km (mile)
Clock Display range: 0:00-23:59 (24H)
Accuracy: ± 4 seconds/day
meter standard JIS D 0203
to shine Gasoline: Yellow
Engine: Yellow
N: Green
Voltage: Red
Immobilizer: Red

4-inch tachometer

Digital tachometer Display range: 0 - 8000 RPM
Speed ​​band Unit: 0 - 8000 RPM
Unit: ±166 RPM
Meter standard JIS D 0203
Gears N, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
to shine Cruise control: Orange/Green
ABS: Yellow
Engine temperature 0 - 255°F / -17 - 123°C

2-inch outside temperature display

Outside temperature Display range: 0-120°F
Unit: 1°F
Meter standard JIS D 0203

2-inch level indicator

Level indicator Display range: 0-100%
Unit 1%
On-board voltage DC 12V
Meter standard JIS D 0203

2-inch oil pressure gauge

Oil pressure gauge Display range: 0-60 PSI
Unit: 1 PSI
Oil pressure warning Display range: 5-60 PSI
Unit: 0.1 PSI
Meter standard JIS D 0203

2-inch voltmeter

Tension meter Display range: 8.0-16.0V
Unit: 1V
Meter standard JIS D 0203