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Koso Coin thermometer red display

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Vendor : Koso

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Sku : BA067R10

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Koso Coin thermometer digital

Red indicator 

If you need and want to know exactly, Koso has a whole range of useful measuring and multifunctional devices in its range. For example: the Koso *Coin Thermometer* with the red light display. This small and compact temperature measuring device is easy to read, especially at night, thanks to the red LED number lighting. You can attach it almost anywhere on the motorcycle - ideally in your immediate field of vision.

§   thermometer

§   Display: from 0 - 120°C or from 32°F - 248°F

§   Display unit: 1°C or 1°F

§   Temperature warning: when the temperature is over 120°C / 248°F, the thermometer will flash to warn you

§   Connection: DC12V

§   Meter standard JIS D 0203 S2

§   Size: ø 40 x 11 mm

§   Weight: 24g

§   Sensor: BF030125 1/8 (BSP) x28